Lowlands.Community is an inclusive and accessible community bringing you the latest tech knowledge from around the world.

Our hybrid events are for everyone, who is excited about tech. We not only focus on the technical part but also everything that is needed to be successful in your job.

We hope to meet you at one of our events!

Inclusive & Accessible events

Events organized by Lowlands.Community are inclusive and accessible by design.

  • A safe space

    If you attend the event you accept our code of conduct, you can read the full code of conduct here.

  • Inclusive food

    By default we have vegan and halal options available.

  • Sign Language

    During the event (in-person / virtual) their is interpretation into international sign available.

    Optional: you can request a networking sign language interpreter.

  • Captions

    Automated captions in English are available during the event.

  • Buddy

    If you are in need of a buddy to navigate you through the event?

    On request available

  • Accessible venue

    All our events are hosted in accessible buildings. 

  • Need anything else?

    Please contact us on: hey@lowlands.community